About Us

When you shop at Eastman House Furniture, you're more than a customer: You're family! For nearly half a century, that's been our guiding philosophy, beginning with my father, who worked in retail furniture in the Clinton area for 34 years, and carrying through to the second generation of this family business. With 35 years of experience in retail furniture, I have a deep appreciation for the relationships we build here.

We are committed to hometown values, honest business practices and most importantly, your satisfaction. All of us at Eastman House will work hard to help you find the items you need … the furnishings that turn your house into a home … quality furniture at the best possible price.

At Eastman House, we offer unparalleled service at every level from tender-loving-care delivery to sophisticated market research. We attend all of the national markets and monitor trends carefully. Need a special accent piece? We carry a selection of one-of-a-kind, unique decorative accessories and take particular pride in our beautiful showrooms.

We work with well-known, quality suppliers you can trust in an exciting blend of styles ranging from traditional to contemporary.